Wednesday, October 15, 2014

REVIEW: Allo Darlin' - We Come From The Same Place

We have good news for fans of Aussie/Anglo foursome Allo Darlin':  On We Come From The Same Place, the band's new LP, the band delivers 11 tracks of melodic indie pop just as it has on its two previous albums.  And I think that is just fine and, in fact, the way it should be.  There is no reason to change an approach that results in the kind of songs that are perfect for a fall afternoon, kicking through leaves with the sun in your face and a hint of chill in the breeze.  The instrumentation is thoughtful and intricate pop, with a clean sound, but the centerpiece remains Elizabeth Morris' vocals.  With a tone similar to Natalie Merchant (10,000 Manics) and Wendy Pickles (The Popguns), a seemingly effortless delivery, and a natural melancholy, it is one of those voices that I'd love to have tell me stories all day.  In fact, telling stories about life and its little journeys in clear-eyed and unstinting terms is the songwriting specialty of Allo Darlin'.  There is humor and pain, and some rear-view mirror reflection, but the style is breezy and natural, so the overall effect is uplifting.

Your favorite song may reflect a thematic choice, or a preference between for the slower tempo songs such as "History Lessons" or the more buoyant tracks such as "Bright Eyes" and "Half Heart Necklace".  I'll just give you three representative tracks to sample, as in my opinion you can't go wrong with any of them.  If this band isn't on your radar, it should be.  And if this album isn't on your list, you should consider adding it.

Fans should note that Allo Darlin' is touring the US this October and has scheduled a UK tour for November.

Allo Darlin' is Elizabeth Morris (songwriter, vocals, uke), Paul Rains (guitar, lapsteel, vocals), Bill Botting (bass, vocals), and Mikey Collins (drums, vocals).  We Come From The Same Place is out now via Slumberland Records in the North America and Fortuna POP! in Europe.

Slumberland Records
Fortuna POP!

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