Thursday, October 23, 2014

Leisure Suite - Leisure Suite EP

Today's question for you is whether a band of which you were completely unaware before opening this post could become one of your favorite electro-pop bands by the end of the day.  Of course, the answer will depend on your individual tastes, but Leisure Suite certainly sounds like a solid candidate to me.  A three-piece from Melbourne consisting of Mitchell, Bridgette and Su, their music is a trippy guitar and synth-based pop featuring spare beats and Bridgette Le's sultry vocals.  Two of the tracks on this self-titled EP previously appeared as singles, but the EP is their first longer release.  The first two offerings, "Great Expectations" and "Ease Away" are downtempo, atmospheric songs.  The delightful "Haze" picks up the pace and could easily slot into the playlist for the dancefloor.  The introspective "Falling Under" circles back to the chillwave of the first two tracks, while allowing Bridgette to showcase her vocal prowess.  Thematically, the songs cover the expectations place on you by others, looking ahead to the future, and relationships that don't work,

While this introduction to Leisure Suite is but four songs deep, I think there is sufficient evidence to make this a band to which I'll pay attention.  The songs are well constructed with no ragged edges, and the band members evince genuine talent in their performances.  This is perfect music for fall afternoons.   Give it a listen below.

Leisure Suite is released by the re-born Deaf Ambitions label.  It is a digital release so you should be able to find it at the usual digital outlets.

Deaf Ambitions

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