Saturday, August 28, 2021

Snowy Band - Alternate Endings

 This week brought a musical treasure box titled Alternative Endings. The band is Melbourne's Snowy Band, and this is their second album of the pandemic, following last year's Audio Commentary. The music is dynamic and varied, with sharp details, multiple but unfussy melodic layers and superb musicianship. This four-piece can slay you with sparse, slow tempo arrangements and hushed voices, and then get your heart racing with a killer pop tune. The lyrics are economical, but pack a sly impact that you might miss among the hooks on first listen. From the first song we heard, "Living With Myself" (our feature here), we suspected that the album would be special. And, as almost always is the case, we were correct.

Snowy Band are Liam Halliwell (vocals/guitar/other), Emma Russack (vocals/guitar), Nathalie Pavlovic (vocals/bass), and Dylan Young (vocals/drums). Alternate Endings is out now via Spunk Records, Osborne Again, and Palo Santo (Texas).

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