Monday, August 30, 2021

Deer Leader - We've Met Before, Haven't We?

 Although Scotland's pop bands populate all points in the music landscape, I believe that one style that its bands do better than bands from any other country is grand, wide-scope soundscapes. It is the kind of music that makes you feel you are standing on the top of a mountain looking out at the roiling seas. And just when I thought I knew all of the excellent groups creating in that space, I received We've Met Before, Haven't We? by Deer Leader. The band is comprised of multi-instrumentalists Suart McQuarrie, Ross Prentice, and Robin Pringle. The ingredients of their soundscapes are guitars, keys, beats, vocals, and samples, delivered with plenty of reverb. Lyrically, the album is introspective and searching with notes of melancholy contrasted with hope and contentment. The lyrics and the vocal samples are a true joy, and perfectly placed. However, the overall star of the show are the textures and layers of the sound,

Because I was not previously familiar with Deer Leader, I cued up my first listen casually while engaged in other projects. But I quickly realized that this album demanded my full attention. I now listen to it frequently start to finish. Every time I play it I feel more energetic, optimistic, and hopeful. What more could I want?

We've Met Before, Haven't We? is out now in vinyl and digital formats via Last Night From Glasgow.

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