Sunday, August 8, 2021

The Umbrellas - The Umbrellas


It seems to us that the self-titled album from The Umbrellas is perfectly timed. The sun drenched melodies, jangle and '60s pop vocals are just right for August, and the songs are so good that we will use them to recapture that summer feeling throughout the following months. The San Francisco four-piece address feelings in a sincere by breezy fashion, and manage to evoke a lot of potential influences while sounding fresh and original. Particularly impressive is the quality of the song-craft from a band formed in 2019 and just releasing their debut full-length. We look forward to any future nuggets of timeless pop they are willing to bestow on our ears.

The Umbrellas are Matt Ferrara (vocals/guitar/keys), Keith Frerichs (guitar/drums/vocals), Margan Stanley (vocals/guitar), and Nick Oka (bass). The Umbrellas is out now via Slumberland Records.



Bandcamp for the album

Various links for band and album

Slumberland Records page for album

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