Monday, August 9, 2021

Boyracer - Assuaged


I can't speak for all of our readers, but when I choose an album to cue up my first thought isn't "I hope this makes me feel old, content and wise". Not that being old or content is bad, and getting old is part of life we all must accept. But in choosing music, I often look to feel young and nurture my inner, and sometimes nearly dormant, rebel. And that's what often makes long running band Boyracer a frequent favorite. Snarling guitars, bratty and challenging vocals, and assertive percussion hit my bullseye. And like all good fuzz/punk/garage bands, there is plenty of pop smarts in the DNA of their songs. With new album Assuaged, Boyracer has not only done it again, they have -- at least in my view -- created their best music in a long time. Stitching together anxiety, regrets, loves, hopes and dreams in an explosive package, the trio of founding member Stewart Anderson, with Christina Riley and Matty Green, offers the listener a rush for the body that will ramp up the heart rate and may prompt some pogo moves to test the floorboards. But Anderson's songwriting adds a dimension for our heads as well, and that makes this set of songs even more special.

Assuaged is out now via Emotional Response Records.

Bandcamp for Assuaged

Twitter for Emotional Response Records

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