Wednesday, August 18, 2021

"Lost Dog" by Cindy


Mark my words, one of the top albums of Autumn will be 1:2 by San Francisco dream pop band Cindy. A masterclass of .... well, I really should wait until the album is closer to release to swoon publicly. However, we all can experience a portion of its charms via "Lost Dog". An unassuming but truly delightful pop tune, it is artfully pared down to its hushed, melodic essence and then decorated with the finest instrumental ornaments. Feast your ears.

Cindy are Karina Gill (guitar/vocals), Aaron Diko (keys), Jesse Jackson (bass), and Simon Phillips (drums). Depending on your location and desired format, 1:2 will be available via Mt.St.Mtn., Tough Love Records, and Paisley Shirt Records. The date for digital release in October 1, and the date for the vinyl release is November 1.



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