Monday, August 23, 2021

Tibetan Miracle Seeds - Inca Missiles


The inbox can be a scary place these days with messages about missiles aimed at targets innocent and otherwise and sketchy outfits selling potions, pills, roots and seeds that you allegedly need to be healthy. And into this ball of confusion we step in to promote Inca Missiles, a product of Tibetan Miracles Seeds. We assure you that these missiles have no warheads, but they do penetrate your cranium and explode in your brain. Fortunately, either (1) the explosion is causes no harm and only promotes pleasure, or (2) the explosion actually kills you, but the afterlife is sweetly melodic. However, as we are not licensed to provide end-of-life counseling, we will have no further comments on that score.

What we will say is that the psychedelic compositions that comprise  Inca Missiles are an off beat but thoroughly enthralling trip down a drone/psych rabbit hole that thrilled us at first listen and had us coming back for more. The artist is Tibetan Miracle Seeds, otherwise known as Jack McAfee of Dundee, Scotland. Jack wrote, recorded and produced all of the songs on the album, with help from some friends. Always interesting and, at its best, transcendent, this album is a welcome addition to our personal August playlist.

The digital version of Inca Missiles is out now via the Bandcamp page linked below. That page also has a link to source the vinyl version of the album.

Bandcamp for Inca Missiles

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