Sunday, August 22, 2021

Flowertown - Time Trials


Mike Ramos (Tony Jay/others) and Karina Gill (Cindy) are wonderful in their other musical roles, but their combination as Flowertown defies simple arithmetic. The delectable self-titled debut from this prolific duo graced out pages fewer than two months ago (link), impressing us with its lo-fi perfection and quiet power. Yet the new LP Time Trials still seems like a step up in consistency and melodic scope. While assigning a style to talents such as these are at best a guideline, the previous album seemed to us more slowcore while Time Trials fits better in dream pop territory, albeit dream pop in a haze of San Francisco fog rather than bright sunlight on the beach. Karina and Mike evince a comfort in performing together that is remarkable for a recent and spontaneously generated collaboration. Moreover, their generosity in gracing each other's songs adds a special finish to the material. This album is excellent at the first listen, and only grows on you more with each play. 

Time Trials is available in digital and vinyl formats via Paisley Shirt Records.

And because one play of "Time Trials" isn't sufficient --

"Little Brick", a touch of VU --

The janglefest that is "The Door The Thief The Light" --

Bandcamp for Time Trials

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