Friday, August 20, 2021

"My Own Hollywood" by The Bevis Frond


Among the positive surprises I have had this summer is the news that the UK's The Bevis Frond has a new album coming out. The Bevis Frond is the long running (35+ years) project of Nick Saloman, and he has lasted that long for a reason. Little Eden will be out in September via Fire Records, and it boasts 20 tracks of top quality pop songs delivered in in the form of crunchy, spiky, guitar rock. Think early R.E.M. or The Feelies playing Beatles songs and you will have a notion. Or to make it simpler, if you like the first decade of Teenage Fanclub, you will love The Bevis Frond.

While it is too soon to discuss the album in more detail, we can share the latest single, "My Own Hollywood. I think this one has a very appealing TFC vibe, and it begs for repeated replays. And be sure to come back for our coverage of the album. It is a 2XLP/2XCD release, so there is a lot to love!

Bandcamp for Little Eden

Various links for "My Own Hollywood"

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