Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Sweam - Lounge Music For Cat People

So we are asked what music is getting us through our mid-week morning. The answer is 'lounge music'. Specifically, Lounge Music For Cat People. Before you say "ick" - either because of the designation lounge music or, perhaps, because of the reference to cat people - you should understand that this is an album of superbly crafted tunes which would never find their way into the repertoire of any card-carrying lounge singer. They span the spectrum from fulsome shoegaze to a jazzy indie pop, all sharing the capacity to delight. There is a palpable sense of fun and adventure, and a good dose of energy. We also would like to point out that while we are dog people, we know some very fine cat people.

Lounge Music For Cat People is the creation of Norway's Sweam, whose members are Jonas Gabriel Berg, Frida Marie Berg, Jorgen Stokke, Gulliver Bradshaw, and Jan Olav Andersen.

Bandcamp for Lounge Music For Cat People

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