Sunday, July 19, 2020

Wolfhounds - Electric Music

Can't See The Light rumbles. And it snarls. And it bays at the moon at the state of modern Britain. Frankly, we couldn't be happier about it and wouldn't change a thing. Always a somewhat uneasy fit with the C86 tape which helped build their reputation, the Wolfhounds had a rougher edge and a noisier, more rocking approach to their art. This LP, their first of the new decade, proves that not only are they still noisy (no forays into country, folk or easy listening for this lot), but they still are politically and socially aware and have the edge and the brass to express themselves honestly. A cathartic and rousing call to action for our times, cue it up and see if you Can't See The Light.

Wolfhounds are David Callahan (vocals/guitar/samples), Andy Golding (vocals/guitar/banjolele/Bulbul tarang/keys), Richard Golding (bass), and Pete Wilkins (drums). Can't See The Light is out now via A Turntable Friend Records.

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