Sunday, July 5, 2020

Lucy and the Rats - Got Lucky

Take a dose of  garage plus '60s girl group vocals, an infusion of power pop and a coat of punk pop and what do you have? You have Got Lucky, that's what you have. The sophomore album by Lucy and the Rats consists of 12 songs that frame bittersweet defiance, love and freedom in concisely-written and passionately performed bursts of melody. While we enjoyed the band's debut, it is clear to us that this record confirms an upward trend for the band both in terms of consistency and quality. If you are looking for a fun summer album grab this one and you will be lucky. As for Lucy and the Rats, they didn't get lucky with this album -- they earned it.

Got Lucky is out now. You can get a digital download, order the vinyl via Stardumb Records and Surfin' Ki, or get a CD via Dirty Water Records.

Bandcamp for Got Lucky
Stardumb Records
Surfin' Ki Records
Dirty Water Records

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