Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Gum Country - Somewhere

It is a bit embarrassing to be a week or so late on featuring Somewhere, because the album is packed with the sort of punchy, muscular, guitar-driven indie pop/rock that we live for. But more than a bit embarrassing is the reason for our tardiness. We actually didn't pay attention to the original emails about the album because, well, we don't like gum. We don't like chewing it, smelling it, or seeing other people chew it. So when we say announcements for a band named Gum Country our reaction was 'oh well, we have a lot of music to try and cover and gum turns us off'. So we didn't listen to the music and didn't realize that the band was comprised of Courtney Garvin of the stellar Canadian band The Courtneys and Connor Mayer.

However, about a week ago we stumbled our way into realizing that we were missing something special, and since that time we have been listening to Somewhere at least twice a day. This is the sort of guitar rock that you feel in your chest when the ban strikes up live and your brain says 'this is why I go to live shows'. Of course, we don't have live shows these days, but we do have Somewhere. If you are the kind of person that listens to an album and checks off styles your list would include shoegaze, jangle, indie rock, C86 and a few others. But you don't need to be that person. You just need ears and a rocking heart, and this album will then make you very happy indeed.

Gum Country are Courtney Garvin (guitar/vocals) and Connor Mayer (drums/keys/bass). Somewhere is self-released digitally. The vinyl version is available via Kingfisher Bluez. US cassette is out via Burger Records and Australian cassette is out via Dinosaur City Records. A CD is available in Japan via Waterslide Records.

Bandcamp for Somewhere

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