Sunday, June 28, 2020

"Smile Now, Cry Later" b/w "Runaway" by The Shacks/Brainstory

This little single is positively swoon-worthy. The two songs are by Mr. Brown Eyed Soul, Sunny Ozuna, aka Sunny and The Sunliners. But the two track here are covers. "Smile Now, Cry Later is by New York City's The Shacks. "Runaway" is the work of Rialto, California's Brainstory. Both songs are taken from full LP of covers of Sunny's songs, to be released later this year.

The record is available now in digital and vinyl formats. See the Bandcamp link below.

Bandcamp for single
Website for The Shacks
Facebook for The Shacks
Twitter for The Shacks
Website for Brainstory
Facebook for Brainstory
Twitter for Brainstory

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