Saturday, June 6, 2020

"Lucky Rolling Stone" by Ian McKelvie

Good writers have the ability to see a story to tell based on a viewpoint, an observed encounter, or a journey. The best of them tell the story evocatively and succinctly, sketching the bones and allowing the reader's imagination to fill the picture in his or her mind. Scottish veterinarian and musician Ian McKelvie has such an ability, but he possesses the further talent to put his stories to music. We have featured his music under the name The Colourful Band a number of times, but today's feature is a song he is releasing under his own name (despite what it says on the Bandcamp stream below). "Lucky Rolling Stone" was inspired by Ian's drive down the Pacific Coast Highway in a camper van from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Inspired by the drive, we find it perfect driving music for our adventures.

Ian played acoustic, electric and slide guitars, and sang lead and backing vocals. Drumming was supplied by Derek O'Neill. The track is available as a digital download via Bandcamp.

Bandcamp for "Lucky Rolling Stone"

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