Friday, June 5, 2020

Scott the Hoople - Anything Is Better Than You EP

When we featured an album by Scott McCaughey, aka Scott the Hoople (link) we didn't expect him to be back here this soon. But America is in crisis, and Scott has penned three timely songs for an EP titled Anything Is Better Than You. I think most of us can guess to whom the "you" in the title refers, but we aren't featuring this album just because of the target. We are featuring it because all of the proceeds will be donated to a racial justice organization Color of Change ( Color of Change). The first and second tracks are aggressive, slashing indie rock. "Things Are Going To Get Better", the third track, is our favorite -- perhaps because we are optimistic types and perhaps because it has a Mott the Hoople vibe that just sits well with us as we end a horrific week.

Bandcamp for EP

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