Monday, June 29, 2020

The Crystal Furs - Beautiful and True

Sniff, sniff. No, it isn't a summer cold, just a few tears because Subjangle Records didn't give us any advance notice of Beautiful and True. And we certainly like things that are beautiful and true, especially when they have lots of jangle. But we aren't going to let bruised feelings keep us from our professional duty to tell all of our readers that on this album, the third by The Crystal Furs and their first since becoming resident in Portland, Oregon, the band is really hitting their stride. The album reveals the band's range from the noisier side of the C86 spectrum to the twee side of guitar pop. From these folks it all sounds natural, unforced and fun. Check out four gems below, and then hustle your fingers over to Bandcamp.

The Crystal Furs are Kara Buchanan, Steph Buchanan, and Rowan Church. Beautiful and True is out now as a digital release.

Bandcamp for Beautiful and True

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