Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Mong Tong - Mystery 秘神

Mystery, the debut album by Taiwan's Mong Tong provides us with one of the more creative sets of music we have heard in a long time. Constructed of synths, bass, guitar, programming and a boatload of samples, it is playful, adventuresome, and inspiring. And its bass heavy segments decorated with psychedelic shards would earn the approval of even King Tubby and Scratch Perry..

The band consists of brothers Hom Yu and Jun Chi. Apparently the music was inspired by Taiwanese folklore and occult. Sadly, we don't have the background knowledge to further describe how the music illustrates the brothers' take on those subjects, but we assure you that no such knowledge is necessary to appreciate the product. Mystery is out now in vinyl and digital formats.

Bandcamp for Mystery
Spotify for Mystery

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