Sunday, June 14, 2020

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Sideways to New Italy

Building on the momentum of their first LP, Hope Downs, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever sprint down their chosen path carrying the banner for upbeat, crunchy, jangling guitar pop on their new Sideways to New Italy. But in doing so, they display the ability to explore the edges of their craft and create intriguing derivations such as in the '80s dance pop of "The Only One" (which gives us some welcome Prince vibes". The themes are reflective, encompassing search for personal worth, belonging and context in a complex world. But searching and incisive lyrics never weigh down the proceeding, and the listener is rewarded with an album full of meaning and good sounds, and especially a well-hone three-guitar attack..

We know some who believe that these guys are the best guitar pop band around right now. For ourselves, we aren't anointing anyone a king at this point, but Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever is certainly worthy of consideration. And from personal experience, they provide a great live show.

Sideways to New Italy is out now in all formats via Sub Pop.

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