Thursday, May 14, 2020

Scott the Hoople - Sad Box and Other Hits

Truth be told, Scott McCaughey is a Pacific Northwest treasure. Formerly, he was a Seattle treasure, but he headed south to spread the wealth to Portland, so we enhanced his title. His many projects include Young Fresh Fellows, the Minus 5, the Baseball Project, Filthy Friends, Tired Pony, and the No Ones. But with touring for any band currently suspended, Scott displays his disdain for household projects, self-improvement courses and other stay-at-home trends by recording a new album for his solo musical identity, Scott the Hoople. He gave himself the month of April to do it, and by the deadline he had recorded 11 songs, put a virtual bow on the album and released Sad Box and Other Hits on Bandcamp.

So if hook-filled guitar pop-rock is your thing, and it certainly is our thing, you can spend seven bucks on Bandcamp and make Scott feel much better about not fixing the leaking faucet and trimming the hedge in April. And as a point of clarification, Scott the Hoople is not the same Scott that writes for this blog. Scott the Hoople can, and did, write 11 songs in April, while the Scott that writes for this blog would need 11 Aprils to write one song.

Bandcamp for album

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