Sunday, May 24, 2020

"Goodbye Friend" by Mauv

Mauv is a band new to us, but we think it is the start of a long relationship. We write an indie music blog, and this Swedish band creates pop inflected indie rock. More importantly, we love beer, and Mauv's Facebook profile announces their fondness for the suds. There are other elements of relationships, we are told, but we think the basics are in place here.

And now, for the music. Mauv has just released a terrific single titled "Goodbye Friend". It starts out as a gentle tease, and then breaks out into a welcome-to-life banger. We recommend listening to start out your new week.

Mauv are Hanna Ahren, Albin Brandt, Samuel Krantz, Oskar Albersson, and Wael Mahrous. "Goodbye Friend" is out now via Swedish indie label Varo Records.

Varo Records

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