Thursday, May 21, 2020

Love Sport - And Justice For All

Sometimes the most straightforward delights are the best delights. As a case in point, we present And Justice for All, the new album by Helsinki quartet Love Sport. It consists of seven tracks of substantial, hook-filled, crunchy, noisy alternative rock. Each song has good pop bones, but the band does not rest until each song is fleshed out as a white hot, live performance crowd-pleaser. Teemu Tanner has the classic rock frontman vocals honed to perfection, and his mates give their all for the choruses. The rhythm section provides a deliciously dirty strut (e.g. check out "Keying Cars") while Mikko Sulonen's guitar snakes around the rhythm and slashes and stabs through the breaks in the lyrics. Yes, indeed, straightforward rock done to perfection. Yeah, it is only seven songs, but that's why you buy it and use the replay button.

Love Sport are Teemu Tanner (lead vocals, guitar), Mikko Sulonen (guitar), Max Mäkinen (dums) and Aki Pohjankyrö (bass). And Justice for All is out this Friday, May 22 via Soliti Music.

Bandcamp for And Justice For All
Soliti Music

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