Saturday, May 9, 2020

Vulture Party - Vulture Party

Today's first feature reminds us not to jump into assumptions about a band based on the name. When reading the name Vulture Party, it is tempting to expect death metal, Gothy emo, or maybe a bro bar band with a sense of humor. However, such thinking would amount to our first (or at least early) error of the day, because this Vulture Party is quite different than all that. They describe themselves as "disquieting alt pop for the socially conscious", which seems to hit the mark quite well, even if we didn't think of those words ourselves. On their self-titled album, the band thrills us with music that is melodic, carefully constructed, and at times haunting and disquieting. In fact, for our ears, it is the juxtaposition of the melodic tones and the disquieting atmosphere that makes this music so compelling. If we can make a serving suggestion, this album goes quite well late in the evening with the lights low and the adult beverage malty and Scottish.

Vulture Party are Louise Ward, David King, and Dickson Telfer. For the album, drums were played by Lee Burgoyne, and violin by Rebecca Culllen. Organ, acoustic guitar and programming was provided by James Anderson Taylor. Additional vocals were supplied by Macy McLeod, Elsa Hendry, Anna King and Lucy King. The album is released via The Hive imprint of Last Night From Glasgow.

Bandcamp for Vulture Party
Last Night From Glasgow page for album

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