Monday, May 4, 2020

Go Get Mum - OK Now What EP

Discoveries like OK Now What are what keep us writing this blog for no pay and those lousy bosses we see every time we look in a mirror. It is the second EP by Melbourne quartet Go Get Mum, and while the name of the band and title of the EP are unassuming, this record features the sort of charmingly ragged but inspired indie that we find utterly captivating. The direct but engaging storytelling, jangling guitars and half spoke singing invite comparisons to the Boomgates and to some of our heroes of the '80s New Zealand guitar bands. Yes, that puts Go Get Mum on a pretty high shelf in our trophy room, but if it only took six songs to reach that level, think what joy they may bring us in the future. But you shouldn't be thinking about the future, you should be thinking about getting OK Now What, right now. Everyone needs some new best musical friends.

Go Get Mum are Garry Westmore (guitar/vocals), Izzy Tolhurst (guitar/vocals), Woody Eke (drums), and Sam Chin (bass). OK Now What is out in digital and vinyl formats via Meritorio Records.

Bandcamp for OK Now What
Meritorio Records

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