Thursday, March 2, 2017

"Black Ice" by Delay Trees

It may be too early to tell you that one of our favorite guitar pop albums of the year will be Let Go by Finnish band Delay Trees.  Oh, it seems we just told you.  The details will wait until closer to the album's release date of March 24.  But since we already teased you, it is only fair to bring you the glorious sounds of album track "Black Ice".  The opening line is "I'm Amazed We Survived", which could represent the thoughts of many that have driven on frozen roads.  But the line here also refers to the band and their personal stories.  Put on your headphones and give yourself a treat.

Delay Trees are Rami Vierula, Lauri Jarvinen, Sami Korhonen, and Onni Oikari.  Let Go will be released by Helsinki label Soliti Music.

Soliti Music

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