Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bent - Snakes and Shapes

Brisbane trio Bent is not a band that encourages you to lie on the sofa, rest your head in their collective lap, and get comfortable while listening to their music.  In fact, they don't allow it at all.  Instead, on their new album Snakes and Shapes, Bent snarls, shouts, clatters, shreds and pummels.  And they do it very well.

This is post-punk with plenty of punk attitude, raw performances and an inventive and audacious approach to composition.  I particularly like that the bass takes a co-lead role on a number of tracks.  Captivating and challenging in equal measure, Snakes and Shapes is an exhilarating ride that gets better with each play.  Put on your earphones and get Bent.

Bent is Heidi Cutlack (vocals/bass), Skye McNicol (drums), and Glen Schenau (guitar).  Snakes and Shapes is out now via Emotional Response Records.  See the Bandcamp link for digital, and the link just below the Bandcamp link for the CD version.

Bandcamp for Snakes and Shapes
Order link for CD

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