Thursday, March 10, 2016

Posse - Perfect H 7"

Posse is a great trio which deserves a much higher profile.  Yes, even in their home city of Seattle they don't get the love they deserve.  Admittedly, the decision of the members to continue to work at fulfilling jobs rather than solely do music and a bit of table bussing does take them out of the usual indie channel, so the lack of fame is somewhat understandable.  But the quality of the music is top drawer and they should be on the short list of guitar pop fans everywhere.  The trio of Sacha Maxim, Paul Wittmann-Todd, and Jon Salzman first hit these pages in December 2014 when we featured LP Soft Opening (link), an album that I ranked in my top fifteen for the year (list).  They specialize in catchy melodies, soft hooks, languid pacing, and talk-singing intelligent lyrics.

The band has a new two-song single called Perfect H 7" out via Wharf Cat Records.  Available on limited edition vinyl and as a digital download, it reveals Posse to be on top of their game.  Stream it below.

Bandcamp for Perfect H 7"
Wharf Cat Records

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