Friday, March 25, 2016

Through The Sparks - Transindifference

Through The Sparks is an excellent band that makes exciting music, and has done so for over a decade.  They aren't from one of the big music capitals of the US, although I've discovered that the Birmingham, Alabama scene deserves far more attention than it receives.  I must admit that the band's wonderfully evocative name probably would have prompted me to check them out even without having heard their music.  But it was the music I heard first, and I was hooked.  Through The Sparks has the sound of a band that has listened to a lot of music by disparate artists, and they find a way to incorporate or reinterpret everything they like into their own sound.  And for their latest album, Transindifference, it seems to me that there is a lot of '70s and '80s rock in the DNA.  You know, a time when rock bands were happy to be known are rock bands.  The album kicks off with the proggy "Execution", then offers "Burning Bush" and "Living Rooms" -- two bits of pop noir perfection that recalls the best of Joe Jackson and David Bowie.  "The Roseroom" boasts a cinematic western twang.  By the time we're done we've been treated to well-crafted slices of southern rock, psychedelia, indie pop and glam, with soulful vocals and contributions from a large compliment of talented musicians headed by Jody Nelson.  The breadth of the music is ambitious, but the band manages it without strain and, I dare say, a certain looseness born of confidence.

My own personal list of top tracks is "Self Immolation", "The Driveway" "Burning Bush", and "Heavy (-30-)".  You may or may not agree with my choices, but if you like rock music, you will find favorites on this album.

Transindifference is out now via Communicating Vessels.

Communicating Vessels

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