Thursday, March 3, 2016

Coastgaard - Devil On The Balcony

Brooklyn's Coastgaard has brews an appealing alchemy on Devil On The Balcony.  There is a bit of surf pop and plenty of the dreamy side of indie guitar pop.  There are some neighborly similarities with early shins melodies, but with more emphasis on harmonies on the vocals.  There are strands of Beach Boys homage without outright replication.  Shimmering guitars are punctuated with hooks and sincere vocals.  The songs are fully fleshed out, but a sense of space remains.  The overall vibe is bright and sunny, with just enough hints of melancholy to avoid a sweetness overdose.

Generally, the upbeat songs work best to my ears, but overall this album ticks a lot of boxes for indie pop lovers and is perfect for a sunny afternoon.

Devil On The Balcony is out now via eOne Music.  It is available in digital, CD and vinyl formats.

eOne Music

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