Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Beloved Elk - Close EP

The Close EP is the work of an unusual beast - not just an elk, but a Beloved Elk.  The Melbourne duo of Tina Nguyen and Amy Wright produces varied and dynamic indie pop, which surprises and delights the listener.  The EP begins with the brief and gentle instrumental "Noah", entirely composed by drummer Tina.  One of the more commanding songs is "Made Of Glue", a glistening tune that bears a resemblance to some of the work on The Delgados' Hate LP.  Each of the verses were written six months apart after a recurring argument with a lover.  The following "Blood Moon" is a cathartic endeavor.  "The Light Of  Dead Stars" is my current favorite.  About pushing through barriers and overcoming inertia, is is both affecting and soothing.  The closing "Ourselves" is Amy's chance to solo, with just her vocals and an acoustic guitar.

Close EP is out now via Listen Records.  See the Bandcamp link for ordering information.

Bandcamp for Close EP
Bandcamp for previous releases
Listen Records

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