Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Caleb Caudle - Carolina Ghost

If you are one of those music fans who select music to reinforce your state of mind, or perhaps to transition your mind to a happier spot, and the target state of mind is love and contentment, we have the springtime album for your emotional needs.  Carolina Ghost is the seventh album from the talented Caleb Caudle, and it finds him happy in love.  However, unlike the bulk of us who become moon-eyed and inarticulate at such times, Caleb got down to business and penned eleven songs that celebrate his love and contentment.  As indicated by the title, the album has a Carolina sound and a Carolina feel.  There is a twang to the guitar and a country inflection to the vocals.  But even if you don't ordinarily turn to that genre for your amorous expressions, I urge you to give this one a listen.  The songs on Carolina Ghost have the right blend of effortless grace and bubbling energy to make the whole affair sound like a happy weekend day in the company of your love and best friends.  And Caleb's sincere vocals have an affecting velvet coating that goes down oh so easily.

Take the album for a test drive at the Bandcamp link below.  It is out now via This Is American Music in vinyl, CD and digital.

Caudle wrote the songs, sang, and played acoustic guitar.  Other players were Jordan Powers (bass, vocals), Jack Foster (drums), Tommy Scifres (lead guitar), Greg Herndon (Wirlitzer, piano, B3, vocals), Brett McKinney (dobro), (Josh King (vocals), Bonnie Whitmore (vocals).

Bandcamp for Carolina Ghost
This Is American Music

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