Monday, March 14, 2016

Adam Stafford - Taser Revelations

Adam Stafford is a man of many faces -- musician, film director, label boss.  In the musical realm his solo compositions encompass experimental post punk, neo soul, loop pedal driven pop, baroque pop and art rock.  He croons, beatboxes and, not surprisingly given his life as a visual artist, adds an element of performance artist to his live shows.  But what is consistent is the delight derived from fruits of his fertile mind.  His latest edition is the nine-song Taser Revelations, which is out today via Edinburgh's Song By Toad Records.  I ranked his last album among my top ten for the year, but this one probably surpasses that effort in consistency.  The performances and production are superb, and each song stands out as a triumph.  No matter how much Stafford dazzles with technical wizardry and breadth of vision, the real stars are the perfectly realized pop hearts beating brightly in the core of each track.

Best songs are the tropics-tinged joy of "Phantom Billions", the surging, insistent "Atheist Money", and the emotional closer "The Penumbra".

Taser Revelations is available on vinyl, CD and digital formats.

Adam Stafford on Tumblr
Bandcamp for Taser Revelations
Song By Toad Records

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