Thursday, March 31, 2016

Victorian Slang - By The Light Of The Moon

Today's post is in appreciation for the folks that keep indie music going.  They make music, find and encourage fledgling bands, market and package the product, and all without much chance of even covering the costs.  There are lots of such outfits in the world, and we help them with some free exposure as we can.  Our feature today is from small Arizona label Emotional Response, which is run by Stewart Anderson and Jenn Turrell, both of Boyracer and numerous other projects.  They have good taste and work hard.  Emotional Response has just released By The Light Of The Moon, by Arizona band Victorian Slang.  The band consists of label boss Stewart along with Bobby Carlson and Tony Ballz.  The trio makes classic noise pop and slacker pop with hooks, energy and a fair amount of fuzz.  My first introduction to the band was their sing along anthem "High Five The Moon", which appeared on Emotional Response's excellent label compilation, Nail House Party (Oh, you don't have a copy? Let me help you with this link).  I wanted to hear more from band that made a song like that, and By The Light Of The Moon scratches that itch perfectly with "High Five The Moon" and thirteen other songs.  The album is available in digital format on Bandcamp for a mere $5, or in a variety of CD packages (consider the package with the great album from Arizona's Wanda Junes (featured here)).

Bandcamp for By The Light Of The Moon
Link for CD purchase
Link for Emotional Response's offerings


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