Monday, October 29, 2012

REVIEW: Plateaus - Plateaus LP

Marrying the harder-edged punk side of power pop with the better produced end of garage pop, and garnished with a dose of punk attitude and surf-rock riffs, San Diego's Plateaus have recorded one my favorite garage pop albums of the year.  The songs are brief, hook-filled, energetic and noisy.  The drums pound, the heavy bass fuzzes and the dominating guitars bring the distortion and reverb.  Try them out with one of the album tracks that previously was released as a single.

Plateaus are Kevin Gist Chris Rosi, Jon Greene and Elliot Moeller.  They have been building buzz on the west coast via their energetic shows and some well received 7" for Art Fag Records, which also is the label for this record.  This fall they toured with Colleen Green, and the hard-working guys both played their own set and served as Colleen's back up band.

Plateaus "Do It For You" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) from Dusty Dirtweed on Vimeo.

So, if you want to beef up your fall playlist with some muscle with hooks, this record is fully loaded with what you're looking for.

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Anonymous said...

Where did you find this album? I really want to listen it! I love Plateaus!!!

Rocksteady74 (Scott) said...

The album is released tomorrow, October 30. You can contact Art Fag at the link in the review.