Thursday, October 4, 2012

REVIEW: Delicate Cutters - Ring

There is something delicious and immediate about good southern rock; it sounds live even when it is recorded.  Today's exhibit for that phenomena is Ring, the third album from Alabama's Delicate Cutters.  It is a swampy slice of southern-Gothic energy, driven by great female vocals and accented by a massive dose of spine-tingling fiddle.  This group likely sounds unlike anyone else you are listening to these days, and you'll be happy to have discovered them.  Lest you think I'm overselling things, here is a live version of the opening track, "Where the Cottonmouths Hung", recorded at The Metro in Birmingham --

Ring was recorded at Ol Elegante Studio by Lester Nuby III and was released on Birmingham's Skybucket Records last week.  The band is Janet Elizabeth Simpson, Brian Moon, Kevin Nicholson, and Chance Shirley.

One of my favorite songs on the album is "You Want Her" which, in my view, should be subtitled "and you want this album".  The song is the first single from the album, and a free download is available on the band's website --

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