Saturday, October 20, 2012

New single from September Girls

Sarah, Lauren, Jessie, Caoimhe, and Paula comprise the Dublin group September Girls.  I am a fan of their fuzzy, reverb-heavy guitar sound and girl-group vocals.  We wrote about their previous release earlier this year ( "Wanting More"/"Secret Lovers" ), and are covering them again because they are releasing a new two track single on Monday, October 22.  The single is called "Green Eyed" and includes the title track and B-side "Danny Wood".  The release is on Scotland's small Soft Power Records, an indie label that applies their limited resources only to really good music.

We have both tracks for you to try here.  "Green Eyed" has a palpable dark tinge to it, and may remind you of The Raveonettes.  "Danny Wood" is a rousing indie pop song.  I love them both.

September Girls - Green Eyed from jessie ward on Vimeo.

The single is available in a limited run of vinyl, for which Soft Power Records is accepting pre-orders.  I do not know who will win the US presidential election, but I know that the vinyl run for "Green Eyed" will sell out.  You can buy it in digital format at the Bandcamp link below.

Soundcloud Link for the single
Soft Power Records

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