Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Shoegaze Discovery: Infinity Girl - Stop Being On My Side

Infinity Girl is a terrific new Boston-based band playing noisy, melodic guitar rock - shoegaze, yes, but that's not the only style. The band is composed of singer/guitarist Nolan Eley, drummer Sebastian Modak, Kyle Oppenheimer on guitar and Andrew Ransom on bass. The songs are well-constructed and part of the reason may be that Eley was developing his music as a solo act when approached by Modak at a show, asking if he wondered what the songs would sound like with a full band.

Lots of feedback, strong bass/drum support and plaintive vocals combine to make this music very compelling. It's noisy as heck, and almost (but never quite) gets off the rails on the big rockers like "Please Forget", "Blood And Dirt" and "Void", which calls to mind Swervedriver, but with a more delicate touch on the vocals.

Here's a live version of "Please Forget":

And for a little variety in the tempo, Eley's even thrown in a Yo La Tengo-style ballad, "Even If"... But I think the best songs on the record are the biggest-sounding ones, especially the high guitar sounds and crashing drums of the 6:26 "By Now".

Check it out, and buy it if you like it, at their Bandcamp site:

Infinity Girl Website

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