Friday, October 26, 2012

Check out this cool video from Jamaica's Courtney John Project

When you update to the next version of ITunes and see that the genre list has been expanded to include "Rootstronic," you're going to thank us for having kept you ahead of the curve. That's what the cool kids are calling this startlingly unique blend of Kingston mashup and dubstep electronica you'll hear in the video below from the Courtney John Project. The sound may be new, but the creators are far from rookies. Courtney John, on the right in the photo, is becoming well known in his home country and the US for his Lovers Rock reggae, including 2009's critically acclaimed Made in Jamaica, released by Jamaican label FiWi Music. Steven "Lenky" Marsden (left) is is a Grammy-winning dancehall producer and multi-instrumentalist, while producer Nastasia "The Wizard" Hammond (center) recently teamed up with Nelly Furtado to do a dancehall remix of a song from the latter's brand new record. So check out this excellent song, "Soul of a Man," which will be on their debut album, The Future, to be released by FiWi at the end of January, '13.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is f*cked in the head and good.

Rocksteady74 (Scott) said...

As a lifelong fan of music from the Island, I think this is a great addition to the Jamaican legacy.