Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baffin Island - Baffin Island EP

A few years ago the members of Boise, Idaho band The Very Most and Glasgow's The Hermit Crabs collaborated on a song for a collection.  Simply because the centerpoint of a line between Boise and Glasgow resides on Baffin Island, the group also was named Baffin Island.  Although their original bands are on-going (we covered a fine EP by the Hermit Crabs last month) they combined again in 2011 to release an EP on EardrumsPop, and have just released a four-track self titled EP on WeePOP!. It is fine, sweet music that will remind you of Camera Obscura and Belle and Sebastian.  Suggested use: Background for getting close with someone else.

Stream "We Were Meant to Meet" here.

Baffin Island is Meanie Whittle (vocals, recorder, songwriting), Jeremy Jensen (guitar, bass, keys, vocals, songwriting), Jake Hite (drums), Chris Gilles (bass), and Jo Bunyan (keys).

WeePOP! Records site for this release

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