Friday, October 5, 2012

New Spanish Rock Discovery: Prats - Pla B

Prats is composed of former members of Spanish rock band Madee and The New Raemon, and the group is named after lead singer and keyboard player Marc Prats... This is well-made rock music, thoughtful and nicely-paced with some very lively guitar work in some of the songs and open space and delicate instrumentation that highlight the vocals in others.

Here's the video for "PlaDelirant":

And here is a live acoustic version of "Bestia somrient":

It's a nice mix of acoustic music (both guitars and piano), and electric guitars - and the vocals are evocative and expressive, even if they ain't in English (as I've said before - not an obstacle for me, if the sound is right). Prats reminds me of Peter Murphy as a vocalist, but the music sounds more like Coldplay - in a few ways, one of which is that it's so smooth you may not notice the quality of the guitar work on first listen. Give it a few spins...

Available on BCore Disc.

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