Friday, October 26, 2012

REVIEW: Falling Trees - The Memories that Hold Us Together

I'm very fond of this kind of record.  What kind of record is that, you might ask.  It is a record that on the most immediate level dwells in the musical world of the past -- the Postcard, Sarah and Creation labels, the C86 sound, and production that is tasteful and competent by devoid of gloss.  But at a deeper level, it is a record made by musicians that are making the record that they want to make because that is the sound they want and their mates are the guys they want to play with.  Current musical tastes and charts just don't enter the picture.  So The Memories That Hold Us Together by Falling Trees is an album that takes you back to a wonderful era of guitar driven pop music.  And given that introduction, it is perfectly appropriate that the album is released on Exeter, UK's Pastime Records.

The members of the band are Andrew Padfield (lead vocals), Paul Stolworthy (rhythm guitar), Andy Botterill (lead guitar, bass, keyboards) and Chris Head (drums) and Andy Ward (additional drums).  The production duties were handled by Andy Fonda, drummer from C86 favorites, June Brides.

Track 3, "November Rain", boasts a bubbling bass line and has a relaxing vibe.

There is plenty of genuine emotions in The Memories That Hold Us Together, but it never beats you over the head, and it is all adroitly dress in hooks and professional craftsmanship.  The result is an album to savor and explore.

The closing track --

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