Thursday, October 11, 2012

REVIEW: Lenzie Moss - Introducing Lenzie Moss

Lenzie Moss is the project of Finlay Macdonald, whose previous credits include Music and Movement, Teenage Fanclub, BMX Bandits and Speedboat.  Unsurprising for a man with that background, Finlay really knows his was around an electric guitar pop song.  Finlay has collected eleven of his best recent tunes and released them on his debut solo EP, Introducing Lenzie Moss.

And what songs they are -- timeless melodies backed by delightful arrangements, and featuring Finlay's engaging tenor.  The first track also is the first Lenzie Moss song I ever heard, "Kelvin British Summertime".  It is about late '80s Glasgow, mentioning meeting friends and liking Big Star, Dinosaur Jr and loud guitars.  The excellent third track, "Son of A Unicorn" slows proceedings down and injects a wistful mood.  But the guitar work accenting the lyrics is like a delightful song within a song.  "Where the Eagles Dare" ramps up the pace again.  But perhaps as is the case with any good pop, the proof is in the listening.  And I'm confident enough that this album speaks for itself, that I've embedded the entire stream below.

One of the attributes of this album that most pleases me is that it represents an artist comfortable in his skin.  He has a voice, a guitar, a few collaborators, and sometimes a piano.  There isn't a compulsion to toss in a dance number or layers of synths.  And not that there is anything wrong with the stuff that is not in the album, but those things aren't Finlay Macdonald, so they aren't Lenzie Moss.

The Bandcamp link below also contains the entire stream, and for the discerning music fan, the chance to grab a digital copy of Introducing Lenzie Moss.

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