Monday, May 15, 2023

Rob I. Miller - Companion Piece


With Companion Piece, San Francisco musician Rob I. Miller has delivered one of the powerpop albums of the year -- a dynamic, melodic, jangling and sometimes snarling collage of an ace songwriter's art. Thematically, it covers the various stages of romantic breakup replete with dead on observations, incisive thrusts, and even some hints of hope. To be honest, we expect top quality work from Mr. Miller; the only surprise here is this album comes soon after the 2023 release of All In Good Time by Blues Lawyer, in which Miller is a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter (our feature here). Rob has, indeed, been a busy boy. Busy and productive.

Breakup albums can be difficult, but this one goes down easily, like Mary Poppins spoonful of sugar. That is partly due to the classic indie pop paring of melancholy and upbeat melodies, but mostly due to the thematic arc and excellent songcraft. Come for the music, come for the tears if you must, but you will stay for the music.

Companion Piece is out now via Miller's Vacant Stare Records.



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