Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Dropkick - The Wireless Revolution


For those of us who savor powerpop it is easy to use '90s Teenage Fanclub and Big Star as the easy reference points. But without taking anything away from acknowledged and deserving masters, Edinburgh's Dropkick yields absolutely nothing to those two bands in assembling truly delicious pop songs of jangle, harmonies and well-crafted melodies. Last month the trio released their latest LP, The Wireless Revolution for our eager ears. We have to say that there were no surprises, but that is something to be celebrated because this band has never disappointed us. For this outing the band has taken what it does well, and has done it again with even more quality and consistency. Do not ignore this album.

Dropkick is Andrew Taylor, Ian Grier, and Alan Shields. The Wireless Revolution is out in digital, CD, and vinyl formats via Hurrah Musica (Murcia) and Rock Indiana Records (Madrid).





Bandcamp for The Wireless Revolution

Various links for Dropkick and theirmusic

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