Sunday, May 14, 2023

"Bete" and "Selkie" by Special Friend


Skep Wax, Howlin' Banana Records and Hidden Bay Records are teaming up to bring indie pop fans a special treat in late June. The release is Wait Until The Flames Come Rushing In by Paris-based Special Friend. The album is the band's second, and we expect that it will deliver the noise pop for which the band is becoming known. If you like bands like Galaxie 500 with a touch of Glasgow's Pastels, you are going to love these guys.

The first two singles are out now and we have them below in video and streaming formats. "Bete" is sweetness itself and reminds us of the Pastels. "Selkie" hits our noise pop pleasure receptors perfectly, and who can resist a song take from a Celtic tale of seals that come ashore and transform themselves into seductive humans. We'll swipe right!

Special Friend is a duo consisting of Erica Ashleson and Guillaume Siracusa.



Bandcamp for album pre-orders

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