Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Holiday Ghosts - Absolute Reality


A bit over a decade ago we discovered a British band called The Black Tambourines who played a surfy garage rock that we liked. To our knowledge that band didn't last long after our discovery, but one of the members, Sam Stacpoole, alerted me to a new project titled Holiday Ghosts. We immediately found their rootsy, DIY brand of garage rock quite charming and have eagerly grabbed each of their four albums.

The latest of the four is the April release Absolute Reality. For this outing the Holiday Ghosts retain their storytelling approach to songwriting and turn their gaze to social issues. Our impression is that they have become somewhat more adventuresome and varied with their arrangements with tracks of jangling pop, rootsy folk rock, post punk and a bit of punk as well. Still, this is a band that eschews studio flash and knows that their appeal is, at least in part, rooted in that 'live to tape / welcome to our weekly garage concert' approach. They do it well, and they always deliver.

Holiday Ghosts are Katja Rackin (vocals/drums), Samuel Stacpoole (vocals/guitar/synth), Benedict Nightingale (guitar/backing vocals), and Morgan Lloyd Matthews (bass). Absolute Reality is released via FatCat Records.




Bandcamp for Absolute Reality

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