Friday, May 5, 2023

The National Honor Society - To All The Distance Between Us


Playing a brand of indie/dream pop with big college rock hooks and a post punk urgency, The National Honor Society clearly takes top honors in their channel. The Seattle quartet drives the songs forward with assured rhythms and lush arrangements, and manage to blend guitar solos and shimmer with no dissonance. But that is to be expected from a band that displays many facets of guitar pop in a single album, executing all of them well and never sounding like anything other than The National Honor Society. Somewhat embarrassingly as Seattle residents, this is our first encounter with the band. It won't be the last. 

National Honor Society are Coulter Leslie, Jerry Peerson, Andrew Gaskin, and Will Hallauer. All The Distance Between Us is out April now in vinyl, digital and CD formats via Shelflife, Discos de Kirlian, and Subjangle. Check for your 'local' label among those to save shipping costs.


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