Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Whadya Want - Skippy Knows


Whadya Want was a mid-80s collaboration of Melbourne musicians David Chesworth (Essendon Airport), Philip Jackson and Warwick Bone. The fruits of their labor was Skippy Knows, their best (and only) album. But packed with arty dance pop perfect for the dance floors of the decade. Moreover, unlike much of current dance music which bludgeons with the beat and repetition, Skippy Knows is a thinking fan's dance pop that tickles the brain as much as it moves the feet. Consequently, it remains an intriguing and vital set of songs almost 40 years after its release. 

Skippy Knows is out now in vinyl and digital formats via Melbourne's Chapter Music. Note that the reissue includes slides from Chesworth's festival presentation and useful liner notes.

Bandcamp for Skippy Knows

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