Thursday, June 1, 2023

"Killer Bee" by Wireheads


We are not fortune tellers, although wearing a costume and sitting by a globe and telling people lies for money has a certain appeal. And we wouldn't even need to sign up with the election committee unlike the other professional liars. But there is one bit of the future we can foretell with high confidence: Potentially Venus by Wireheads will be one of our favorite albums of the year. There are three singles available to date, including the just-released "Killer Bee", and all of them are classic Wirehead gems. We assure you that the rest of the songs are terrific as well.

Wireheads are there own genre, an indie rock/post punk/psychedelic/jangle/alt country/punk collective that gives life to the weird and wonderous songwriting of leader Dom Trimboli. "Killer Bee" is a psychedelia-shaded alt country jam with a thumping rhythm line and addresses several themes, including the downside of living near the police station and a bee sting. As always, it is an interesting ride.

Potentially Venus will be out in digital and vinyl formats via Tenth Court Records. See the Bandcamp link below for pre-orders. For vinyl distribution in the  US contact, for everywhere else, contact Matthew Ford at


Various links for "Killer Bee"

Bandcamp for pre-order of Potentially Venus

Tenth Court Records

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